Over the years many stories have been appearing in the media of former Indian International Sportspersons facing tough times to make ends meet.  Medallists who had once done India proud were struggling in their post-retirement age with no help & recognition coming. Many foundations & trust exist that empower education, health, the challenged and less-abled, child care and old age etc. but none when it comes to looking after Indian International Sportspersons.

Sunil Gavaskar, former Indian cricketer decided to do something about this and having discussed with some like-minded sports lovers he formed The CHAMPS Foundation in January 1999 with former Sherriff and philanthropist Late Nana Chudasama and another avid sports lover and founder of Sportsweek magazine, Khalid Ansari along with Mrs. Marshniel Gavaskar and Gundappa Viswanath as fellow trustees. CHAMPS is the acronym for Caring Helping Assisting Motivating and Promoting Sportspersons.

The first fundraising event was a double-wicket competition where the members of the 1983 cricket world cup winning team paired with an industrialist and Indian film stars. The industrialists and their companies made a donation to the foundation. The first donation of Rs.5 lakhs came from Sunil Gavaskar himself. At the end of the event, a dinner was held where there was an auction of sporting memorabilia which helped to augment the funds raised that day. Over the years the foundation has benefitted from many sporting events which have made a contribution to the funds. The foundation has been using the interest derived from the fixed deposits to make monthly contribution to those international Sportspersons who have brought glory to the country and may be facing hard times now.

What We Do

The CHAMPS Foundation has been providing assistance to former Indian sportspersons from the fields of hockey, badminton, boxing, billiards, football, cricket etc.,

The Beneficiaries

The CHAMPS Foundation has been providing monthly stipend to the former Indian sportspersons for their contribution in various disciplines of sports.

The Trustees

The CHAMPS Foundation is powered by people who have been pioneers in their respective fields and have contributed to the society at large.

Unwavering Support

Since 1999 various Indian sportspersons from different fields - hockey, badminton, boxing, billiards, football, cricket, table tennis, etc., have been and are still getting monthly assistance from The CHAMPS Foundation.

Avail Tax exemption & Tax benefit under Section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961 for your donations.

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Press & Media

Sunil Gavaskar’s foundation helps ailing hockey Olympian MP SinghTimes of India, 20th Nov, 2020

Forgotten Bhengra is grateful to Sunny – Telegraph India, 20th March, 2017

One ‘CHAMP’ to another – India Today, 12th Sept, 2012



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